Andhra Pradesh Elevates Two CHCs to Tribal Hospitals, Significantly Enhancing Healthcare Access for Tribal Communities


In a remarkable move aimed at fortifying healthcare services for tribal communities, the Andhra Pradesh (AP) government has taken a significant step by redesignating government-run Community Health Centres (CHCs) in Cumbham and Giddalur, both located in the Prakasam district, as Tribal Hospitals.

Bridging the Healthcare Gap

This momentous decision was made with the full approval of the state health ministry, reflecting the government’s commitment to the welfare of tribal populations. This isn’t the first such initiative, as eight months ago, the government had similarly redesignated CHCs in Yerragondapalem, Markapur, and Pedda Dornala into tribal hospitals.

The redesignation signifies more than just a change in nomenclature; it symbolizes an “upgrade” in healthcare services. The government’s plan includes the allocation of additional medical personnel, state-of-the-art medical equipment, and improvements in infrastructure.

Enhancements for Better Healthcare

These enhancements are pivotal in ensuring that tribal communities receive superior healthcare services in their respective regions. Efforts are already underway to bolster the infrastructure of Cumbham CHC, with the goal of transforming it into a 50-bed facility. Furthermore, the ‘Nadu-Nedu’ program is set to play a crucial role in improving the infrastructure of these hospitals. An allocation of Rs 3 crore has been made for this purpose, with a focus on creating additional wards, rooms, and operating theaters.

A Boost for Giddalur

The positive momentum extends to Giddalur as well, with the CHC there set to receive additional funding in the near future. This funding injection will further enhance its healthcare capabilities, reaffirming the state government’s commitment to healthcare equity.

MLA Anna Rambabu from Giddalur expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “This is a historic moment. The elevation of these health centers to tribal hospitals will not only improve healthcare accessibility but also contribute significantly to the holistic development of tribal communities.”


The transformation of CHCs into Tribal Hospitals in Andhra Pradesh represents a commendable effort to bridge the healthcare gap for tribal communities. With upgraded infrastructure, additional medical staff, and modern equipment, these hospitals are well-equipped to provide enhanced healthcare services to those who need it most.

This initiative is a testament to the state government’s dedication to ensuring healthcare equity and the overall well-being of tribal populations in the region.

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