Remembering Birsha Munda: A Freedom Fighter’s Impact on 15th November



The life and legacy of Birsa Munda, a prominent freedom fighter and tribal leader, continue to inspire generations. Born on November 15, 1875, in Ulihatu near Ranchi, Birsa Munda played a pivotal role in India’s fight for independence, leading uprisings against British rule. This article delves into the biography of this revered figure, exploring his early life, resistance against colonial oppression, and the lasting impact he left on the struggle for tribal rights.

Birsa Munda Biography: A Symbol of Resistance

Who was Birsa Munda?

Birsa Munda, a member of the Munda tribe, emerged as a charismatic leader advocating for tribal rights. His fearless stance against British rule made him a symbol of resistance, inspiring others to join the fight for freedom.

Early Life and Tribal Background

Born into the Munda tribe, Birsa’s upbringing surrounded by tribal customs instilled in him a deep sense of identity and pride. His exposure to the communal way of life fueled his commitment to standing against the injustices inflicted by the British rulers.

Influence of Tribal Customs and Traditions

Birsa Munda’s early exposure to the fairness and equality within his tribe motivated him to resist the mistreatment by British authorities. His mission was to mobilize the tribes against the threat posed by British colonialism to their social, cultural, and economic fabric.

Early Resistance Against British Rule

In 1895, Birsa Munda initiated protests against taxes and forced labor, marking the beginning of his active resistance. He became a key leader in the tribal resistance movement, advocating for freedom and self-governance.

Formation of the Munda Council

Establishing the Munda Council in 1899, Birsa aimed to unite Jharkhand’s tribes against British rule. The council sought self-governance, allowing tribal communities to follow their traditions autonomously. However, his leadership drew the ire of British authorities, leading to his arrest in 1900.

Imprisonment and Death

Birsa Munda’s imprisonment and subsequent death in 1900 at the age of 25 were significant losses to the tribal resistance movement. Despite his short life, his legacy as a freedom fighter and symbol of resistance against British rule lives on.

Legacy and Significance

Birsa Munda Jayanti

Celebrated annually on November 15th, Birsa Munda Jayanti honors the tribal leader’s birth anniversary. The occasion serves as a reminder of Birsa Munda’s contributions to the Indian freedom movement and the preservation of tribal culture.

Birsa Munda Rebellion

The Birsa Munda Rebellion marked a pivotal revolt by tribal fighters against British colonial dominance. Utilizing traditional weaponry and guerrilla warfare, the rebellion gained momentum, drawing support from various tribal backgrounds.

Bhagwan Birsa Munda

Referred to as ‘Dharti Aba’ or ‘Earth Father,’ Birsa Munda is revered by many as a heroic figure within tribal communities. While some consider him a deity, others see this title as a mark of respect for his significant contributions to the fight for justice and rights.

Birsa Munda Airport Ranchi

Birsa Munda Airport in Ranchi, named in his honor, stands as a tribute to the tribal freedom fighter. The airport serves as a crucial transportation hub, connecting Jharkhand to domestic and international destinations.

Birsa Munda Park

Spread across 400 acres in Ranchi, Birsa Munda Park commemorates the tribal leader with recreational facilities. Boating, water sports, walking trails, and amusement rides make the park a vibrant tribute to Birsa Munda’s legacy.

Important Facts about Birsa Munda

  • Birsa Munda spearheaded a rebellion against the British Raj, rallying tribes for the cause.
  • Known for the slogan “Abua raj seter jana, maharani raj tundu jana.”
  • Arrested in 1895, Birsa Munda spent years in prison until his death in 1900.
  • Celebrated as a hero, his legacy extends to literature, music, and art.
  • Jharkhand observes a state holiday on November 15 in his honor.
  • The West Bengal government has declared a public holiday on Birsa Munda Jayanti.
  • Government of India has declared 15th November as Janjatiya Gaurav Divas dedicated to the memory of brave tribal freedom fighters. The declaration was done during 2021.


Birsa Munda’s impact on India’s fight for independence and his unwavering dedication to tribal rights make him a revered figure in history. His legacy continues to shape discussions on social justice, equality, and the preservation of tribal culture. As we celebrate Birsa Munda Jayanti on November 15th, let us remember and honor the contributions of this extraordinary freedom fighter.

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