India’s Cabinet Secretariat: Office Address, Contact Information, and Key Responsibilities



India’s Cabinet Secretariat plays a pivotal role in the governance of the nation. It acts as the nerve center of the Indian government, providing vital support and assistance to the Council of Ministers. In this article, we will explore its functions, office address, contact information, and key responsibilities in detail.

What is the Cabinet Secretariat?

The Cabinet Secretariat is a part of the Government of India and functions under the direction of the Prime Minister. It is responsible for aiding the Council of Ministers in the exercise of their duties and functions.

Office Address of the Cabinet Secretariat

The Cabinet Secretariat is located at:

Rashtrapati Bhavan, President’s Estate, New Delhi – 110004, India

Contact Information

For any inquiries or information related to the Cabinet Secretariat, you can reach out using the provided contact details.

The Role of the Cabinet Secretariat

The Cabinet Secretariat plays a multifaceted role in the Indian government. Its primary functions include:

Key Responsibilities

1. Support to the Council of Ministers

The Cabinet Secretariat assists the Council of Ministers in coordinating government activities and ensuring effective communication and decision-making.

2. Liaison with the President’s Office

It maintains a crucial link between the President’s Office and the Council of Ministers, ensuring that presidential orders and directives are effectively carried out.

3. Secretarial Assistance to Cabinet Committees

The Cabinet Secretariat provides secretarial support to various Cabinet Committees, aiding in policy formulation and decision implementation.

4. Administration of Civil Services

It oversees the administration of various civil services, including the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and the Indian Police Service (IPS).

5. Policy Formulation and Implementation

The Cabinet Secretariat actively participates in the formulation of government policies and ensures their efficient implementation.

6. Crisis Management

In times of national emergencies or crises, the Cabinet Secretariat plays a pivotal role in coordinating government responses and actions.


The Cabinet Secretariat is the backbone of the Indian government, ensuring the smooth functioning of the Council of Ministers and facilitating efficient governance. Its office address and contact information are vital for those seeking to engage with its services.

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