Ministry of Coal India: Contact Information, Office Address, Minister, and Key Officer Roles



In a country as vast and resource-rich as India, the Ministry of Coal plays a crucial role in managing the nation’s coal reserves and ensuring their efficient utilization. This article provides a comprehensive guide to the Ministry of Coal in India, including essential contact information, the office address, the current minister in charge, and the key officers responsible for various roles within the ministry.

Ministry of Coal – Office Address

The Ministry of Coal is located at Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi, India. Here is the complete address:

Shastri Bhawan, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road, New Delhi – 110001, India.

Minister in Charge

The Hon’ble Minister of Coal, Mines and Parliamentary Affairs, Shri Pralhad Joshi, is at the helm of the Ministry of Coal. You can reach out to him through the following contact details:

  • Designation: Hon’ble Minister of Coal, Mines and Parliamentary Affairs
  • Intercom: 377
  • Tel. Office: 011-23387277, 011-23383109
  • Room No.: 353-A
  • Tel. Residence: 011-23093497
  • Address: No. 11, Akbar Road, New Delhi-110011
  • Email Id: officeofpralhadjoshiji[at]gmail[dot]com, minister[dot]coal[at]gov[dot]in

Minister of State (MoS)

Shri Raosaheb Patil Danve is the Hon’ble Minister of State (MoS) for Rail, Coal, and Mines in the Ministry of Coal. Here are his contact details:

  • Designation: Hon’ble MoS for Rail, Coal & Mines
  • Tel. Office: 011-23070522/23070529
  • Room No.: 504-C


Shri Amrit Lal Meena serves as the Secretary in the Ministry of Coal. You can contact him at:

  • Designation: Secretary
  • Intercom: 222
  • Tel. Office: 23384884
  • Room No.: 317-A
  • Email Id: secy[dot]moc[at]nic[dot]in

Additional Secretary

Shri M. Nagaraju holds the position of Additional Secretary in the Ministry of Coal. His contact information is as follows:

  • Designation: Add. Secretary
  • Intercom: 275
  • Tel. Office: 23383356
  • Room No.: 329-A
  • Email Id: m[dot]nagaraju[at]nic[dot]in

Joint Secretaries/Advisors/DDG

The Ministry of Coal has several Joint Secretaries, Advisors, and Deputy Director Generals overseeing various departments and functions. Here are their names and contact details:

  1. Ms. Nirupama Kotru – Joint Secretary & F.A.
    • Intercom: 224
    • Tel. Office: 23384211
    • Room No.: 311-B
    • Email Id: jsfa[dot]moc[at]nic[dot]in
  2. Shri Parveen Arora – PPS
    • Intercom: 230
    • Tel. Office: 23384211
    • Room No.: 315-B
  3. Shri Bhabani Prasad Pati – Joint Secretary
    • Intercom: 312
    • Tel. Office: 23387698
    • Room No.: 321-A
    • Email Id: gj093[at]ifs[dot]nic[dot]in
  4. Smt. Rosy Kapoor – PS
    • Intercom: 322
    • Tel. Office: 23387698
    • Room No.: 337-A

Directors/Deputy Secretaries

The Ministry of Coal also has Directors and Deputy Secretaries managing various aspects of the ministry. Here are some of them:

  1. Shri Manik Chandra Pandit – Director (EA)
    • Intercom: 308
    • Tel. Office: 23385949
    • Room No.: 120-F
  2. Shri Marapally Venkateshwarlu – Director (T)(NA/MPS)
    • Intercom: 739
    • Tel. Office: 23073425
    • Room No.: 304-B
  3. Shri Ajitesh Kumar – Director(P&S-I/P&S-II/NA)
    • Intercom: 231
    • Tel. Office: 23384431
    • Room No.: 323-A

Under Secretaries/Assistant Directors

The Ministry of Coal has Under Secretaries and Assistant Directors overseeing various departments. Here are their details:

  1. Shri Manoj Kumar Sinha – Deputy. Director (OL)
    • Intercom: 204
    • Tel. Office: 23381127
    • Room No.: 307-A, cabin 2
  2. Shri Sujit Kumar – Under Secretary (CPD)
    • Intercom: 307
    • Tel. Office: 23384112
    • Room No.: 120-F

Public Relations

The Ministry of Coal has dedicated sections for Public Relations and Facilitation. Here are their contact details:

  1. R&I Section
    • Intercom: 252
  2. Facilitation Center
    • Intercom: 276

Chief Financial Controller/ Financial Controller

Shri Subhash Chandra serves as the Controller of Accounts. Here’s his contact information:

  • Designation: Controller of Accounts
  • Intercom: 282
  • Tel. Office: 23386644
  • Room No.: 241-A

National Informatics Centre

The National Informatics Centre plays a vital role in information technology for the ministry. Here’s a key contact:

  • Shri Deep Kumar Bansal – Senior Director (IT), NIC
    • Intercom: 242
    • Tel. Office: 23386697
    • Room No.: 351-A


The Ministry of Coal in India is responsible for managing the nation’s coal resources, and it is crucial to know the contact information of key officers in the ministry. Whether you need to reach out to the Minister, the Secretary, or other officials, this article has provided you with the necessary details. If you have any further questions or require more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the respective officers.

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