Er. Lalrinawma SW, TA & WCD Minister Inaugurates Kelsih-Ah Tribal Research Institute, Paving the Way for Indigenous Research Advancements


Er. Lalrinawma, the Minister of Social Welfare, Tribal Affairs, Women & Child Development Department, inaugurated the Kelsih-Ah Tribal Research Institute (TRI) on October 5th, 2023. This remarkable initiative, under the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India, marks a significant milestone in promoting indigenous research and development.

Fostering Cultural Heritage

The inauguration ceremony witnessed the convergence of tribal leaders and scholars, celebrating the rich cultural diversity and traditional wisdom of the indigenous communities. The TRI aims to become a hub for the preservation and study of indigenous knowledge, culture, and traditions. It will serve as a center for in-depth research and a platform for knowledge exchange.

Empowering Tribal Communities

The Kelsih-Ah Tribal Research Institute holds immense potential in empowering tribal communities. It recognizes the inherent value of tribal culture and traditions and aims to protect these valuable assets. By promoting research and documentation of indigenous practices, the institute seeks to uplift the tribal communities and preserve their tangible and intangible heritage.

Investing in Infrastructure and Development

The establishment of the Tribal Research Institute is not only a symbolic gesture but also a substantial investment. The estimated cost of the project is ₹2028.50 Lakhs, and construction commenced in March 2019, with completion expected in December. The institute spans across 4.38 hectares and boasts 13 buildings, including a library, auditorium, administrative block, and conference hall. Additionally, it features dormitories, VIP cottages, and a workshop cum training center. The institute has also invested in water storage facilities and has even incorporated innovative roofing solutions from the USA, ensuring sustainability and efficiency.

Preserving Indigenous Wisdom

This initiative goes beyond infrastructure; it serves as a beacon for preserving indigenous wisdom. The institute will house a wealth of knowledge, documenting the traditions, practices, and beliefs of tribal communities. It will facilitate research into tribal languages, customs, and rituals, preserving their unique way of life.

Promoting Socio-Economic Development

The establishment of the Tribal Research Institute holds great promise for socio-economic development. By promoting research and education, it creates opportunities for tribal communities to access new avenues and improve their livelihoods. The institute’s research outputs will contribute to informed policymaking, benefiting tribal welfare and development.

A Collaborative Effort

The success of the Kelsih-Ah Tribal Research Institute is the result of collaborative efforts. It has received support from the Ministry of Tribal Affairs and engaged tribal communities, scholars, and experts. Special invitees, including department directors, have recognized the significance of this institution in preserving and promoting indigenous heritage.


Er. Lalrinawma’s inauguration of the Kelsih-Ah Tribal Research Institute is a significant step toward preserving indigenous knowledge and culture. This institution will not only protect tribal heritage but also empower tribal communities, foster socio-economic development, and provide valuable insights for future generations.

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