Empowering Tribal Women: Unveiling the Impact of Adivasi Mahila Sashaktikaran Yogna (AMSY)



Adivasi communities in India have a unique cultural heritage, but they often face socio-economic challenges that hinder their progress. Among these communities, women face a double burden, with limited access to education and economic opportunities. To address these issues, the Adivasi Mahila Sashaktikaran Yogna (AMSY) was launched. In this article, we’ll explore the AMSY program, its objectives, and the transformative impact it has on the lives of tribal women.

Understanding Adivasi Women’s Challenges

Educational Barriers

Adivasi women often encounter obstacles in accessing quality education. Lack of schools, proper infrastructure, and cultural constraints contribute to lower literacy rates among them.

Economic Disparities

Economic opportunities are limited in tribal areas, and women often find themselves marginalized in income-generating activities.

AMSY: Empowering Tribal Women

Introduction to AMSY

Adivasi Mahila Sashaktikaran Yogna, or AMSY, translates to “Empowerment Scheme for Tribal Women” . It’s a government initiative designed to uplift tribal women by addressing their educational and economic needs.

Educational Empowerment

AMSY provides scholarships and support for adivasi girls to pursue higher education. By covering tuition fees and other expenses, it ensures that financial constraints do not hinder their academic aspirations.

Economic Opportunities

The program also focuses on skill development and vocational training, equipping tribal women with marketable skills. This empowers them to participate in income-generating activities and become financially independent.

Healthcare Initiatives

AMSY recognizes the importance of healthcare for women’s empowerment. It offers access to healthcare services and promotes awareness of health issues, improving the overall well-being of adivasi women.

Preservation of Culture

While modernization is essential, AMSY also emphasizes preserving adivasi culture. It promotes traditional art and craft forms, helping adivasi women generate income while keeping their heritage alive.

Impact of AMSY

Increased Literacy Rates

AMSY’s educational initiatives have led to a significant increase in literacy rates among adivasi women. This not only enhances their employability but also empowers them to make informed decisions.

Economic Independence

By providing skills and job opportunities, AMSY has reduced economic disparities. Adivasi women are now contributing to their family’s income and the overall economic development of their communities.

Healthier Communities

Access to healthcare and health awareness campaigns have resulted in improved health outcomes for adivasi women and their families.

Preservation of Heritage

AMSY’s focus on traditional arts and crafts has not only provided economic opportunities but also ensured the preservation of adivasi culture.

Introducing a special program aimed at boosting the economic growth of women belonging to scheduled tribes. This initiative is all about supporting their aspirations. Through this program, NSTFDC offers loans covering up to 90% of the total unit cost, which can go up to Rs. 2.00 Lakhs.

The best part? The loans come with an incredibly low-interest rate of just 4% per annum. It’s designed to make sure that these loans are as accessible and beneficial as possible for the women from scheduled tribes, helping them create and expand their business units. It’s all about empowering them and driving positive change in their lives.

Name of
Quantum of Loan
per person
to SCA
AMSY Term Loans
for Women
Rs 1.80 Lakhs 245-10 years


In conclusion, Adivasi Mahila Sashaktikaran Yogna (AMSY) is a remarkable initiative that has been instrumental in empowering tribal women in India. By addressing educational, economic, and healthcare needs while preserving their rich culture, AMSY has created a positive impact. The program is not just about women’s empowerment; it’s about building stronger, more vibrant adivasi communities.


Who is eligible for AMSY benefits?

AMSY benefits are primarily aimed at tribal women residing in tribal areas.

How can tribal women apply for AMSY scholarships and programs?

Tribal women can apply for AMSY scholarships and programs through the official website or by visiting the local AMSY centers.

What types of vocational training are offered under AMSY?

AMSY offers a wide range of vocational training programs, including tailoring, handicrafts, and agriculture-related skills.

How has AMSY contributed to the preservation of tribal culture?

AMSY supports tribal women in marketing their traditional arts and crafts, ensuring the continuation of their cultural heritage.

What are the long-term goals of AMSY for tribal women and communities?

AMSY’s long-term goals include achieving sustainable economic development, improved healthcare, and continued cultural preservation within tribal communities.

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